Current Projects

Current Projects

I usually have a few projects in the works at any given time, and this is no exception!

BEST LAID PLANS – Book One of The Pretenders series. Full-length historical romance set in 1795 London – a time of great political and social upheaval when the French Revolution has inspired talk of reform in England, and those in power will do anything to keep it. James Brydon needs to find his brother’s murderer before the killer finds him, and the evidence points to Elizabeth Casswell’s brother.  Elizabeth is a fiercely independent spinster-by-choice who owns and manages a small estate left her by her mother – an estate that needs a substantial cash infusion quickly or she could lose it all. When they each embark on a campaign to use the other for their own ends, sparks fly and they must decide whether love is worth the risks to their lives and hearts. Can love be born from deception? Status: Editing

Katherine and Edmund – Book Two of The Pretenders series. Full-length historical romance set in 1795 England. Katherine is running from her wedding, to her… other wedding. Edmund, injured from fighting on the Continent, just wants to get home and recover. Alone. When they run into each other – literally – at a coaching inn and end up in an extremely compromising situation, both their plans are changed. Status: Drafting

Sophie and Jack – Full-length historical romance set in mid-1880’s American West. When shy, proper Sophie’s beloved husband dies, she flees England for the American West to find solace with her only family – a brother managing a cattle ranch for a conglomerate of wealthy British investors. Instead, she finds Jack, her brother’s ranch manager and a horse trainer working to purchase his own string, who despises everything he thinks Sophie is. Status: Drafting

The Apocalypse Tales – Inspired by The Canterbury Tales. An interconnected series of short stories told by a group of travelers on the road after the End of the World as We Know it. Status: Drafting